AAS Ocean Acidification Conference

As chance would have it, my new surrogate lab was attending a meeting up in Canberra that almost perfectly coincided with the end of my AAS Orientation.  So, as my AAS EAPSI orientation came to a close, I had to make the long and arduous walk across the road to the AAS Ocean Acidification Conference.  There, I met up with everyone and had a chance to hangout with my labmates in a bit of a relaxed setting.

Look at those eager young scientists! The Complete Byrne Lab (attending the conference)
From left to right: Me, Steve Doo, Dr. Maria Byrne, Kenny de Wolfe, Hong Dao Nguyen, Melanie Ho, and Ash.  Thanks to Mel and Hong for the pics!

We also heard some really fascinating talks about Ocean Acidification from people all over Australia and the world.  I’ll save you the finer details of the talks, but leave you with one very simple message:

Our world, and every organism in it, is facing a rapidly changing atmosphere and ocean.  Climate change and Ocean Change which includes ocean acidification, ocean warming, and rising sea levels are FACTS and are unavoidable.  The continuous emission of Carbon Dioxide gas into the atmosphere has the potential to change every ecosystem on earth beyond recognition in potentially as little as 3 human generations.  

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