National Museum of Australia

I was able to convince a couple of my new labmates that we needed to check out the National Museum of Australia.  My guidebook (Fromers) said that it was the best museum in the whole country, so I wanted to check it out.  Plus, it was only 5 minutes away from the meeting and has free admission.  See full album here.

Sculpture outside the front of the museum

Diprotodon- The largest marsupial ever.  Kind of like a giant Wombat.  Now extinct. 

I think this speaks for itself.

Shackled like a convict in Hobart.

Aboriginal graves or monuments to the dead.  Bones of the deceased are placed into hollowed trees that are then painted with the person’s life story.  There was a great exhibit in the National Gallery of these, but we couldn’t take pictures.

There were some gorgeous aboriginal stone tools

Masks and headdresses from the aboriginal people of the Torres Straight.  The shark was a major spiritual symbol in their culture.

In summary, I found the museum a little disorganized and a bit abstract for a national museum, but it was certainly worth the time and money to check out.  I also enjoyed that we could take pictures, compared to the now camera policy of the National Gallery.

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