North Head

After my sampling at Shelley Beach, I took a bike ride all the way down to the southern tip of North Head.  It’s part of the Sydney Harbour National Park, and they have some walking trails and lookouts.  Check out some of the sites below and for the full album check out FB.

What a view.  I was riding my bike along the trail and you suddenly come out of all this bush and see this breathtaking vista.  I literally stopped in my tracks and said “Holy Crap!” This was much to the amusement of the couple who were sitting right above the trail at the lookout.  Amazingly, they quickly pegged me as an American.

A stitched together panorama.

Quite a coastline to the North.  I don’t think I will be getting down there for any samples.

I thought this was an interesting site. It’s a half sunken boat being towed into the harbor. I later heard on the news that day that it was a sailing yacht that possibly hit a whale. Had a one foot diameter hole in the hull. The man was rescued, ironically, by a whale watching boat.

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