A Solid Week in the Field

Wow.  I spent this entire week either in the intertidal or traveling to the intertidal.  I’ve averaged about 1.5 hours a day on public transit (mostly trains or ferries), about an hour a day on my bike (I really love this Giant Roam- fast, rugged, and versatile), about an hour a day hiking out to sites, and about an hour a day in the intertidal looking for sea stars.  It has been amazingly successful, with the exception of one day that I had to spend tracking down my camera from a University vehicle.  I got it back, but somehow it took 6 hours.  I have now sampled six different localities (populations) and have sampled over 330 sea stars.

I decided that it’s probably in my best interest to not divulge every place that I have gone.  I don’t want to risk someone trying to copy what I am doing.  So, I am going to be talking about sampling sites generally from now on and trying to only share pictures that don’t have any location specific landmarks in them.  Don’t worry, this is only for my field work posts, not the tourist posts.

The whole process has been awesome and exhausting.  I haven’t felt this tired in a while.  I am looking forward to taking at least one day off this weekend, and the tides will limit me a little bit next week anyway.

Here’s a gallery of some photo highlights:  These include sites that I had to repel down cliff faces to get to, a baby blue sea star, and an angry intertidal octopus.  Enjoy!  Or if you prefer FB (there are least some entertaining captions there).

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