Aussie Bits

Well, this past week had only one good day of tides, so I spent much of the week writing and working on parts of my dissertation.  Definitely not that exciting and definitely not a good use of my beautiful surroundings.  Spending all day in front of the computer also really drains my energy to blog and spend more time in front of the computer.  Thankfully, the tides should cooperate on Saturday again and I will be back out in the wild.

I did manage to snap a few interesting photos here and there with my iPhone, so I will share those with you all.

Right now, I am housesitting for my advisor here.  She and her family live in this great little neighborhood called Balmain.  It’s one of the “eastern suburbs” of Sydney.  It’s filled with high end boutique shops and restaurants.  Admittedly, it’s a bit of a class up from my usual style of living.  I constantly feel underdressed.  However, it’s also a beautiful spot filled with parks that line the harbor.  I snapped this one on a walk on evening.

This blurry little gem is from a pub in Bondi.  Wednesday night was the third and deciding match of the State of Origin Series.  This is part of the NRL (National Rugby League) and it’s a glorified All-Star game with the best players from New South Wales against the best players from Queensland.  Queensland has dominated the contest over the last decade, but NSW actually managed to force a third game and everyone in the state was keen to watch.  I went to the pub with some of the EAPSI fellows to watch. This sports bar was packed with people on a Wednesday night and everyone was really into the game.  It’s only the third full rugby match I’ve ever watched, but I think that we all had a great time. Queensland won, but NSW did have an exciting comeback at the end.

This sign is posted in the Cafe around the corner from the house here.  It exemplifies how Australian culture is way more receptive to sarcastic humor.  I saw this Virgin Mobile advertisement at the bus stop today too.  I thought both were pretty clever.  Blunt, dry sarcasm everywhere, gotta love it.

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