Washed away…

G’day bloggos!  I know.  It’s been an incredibly long time since I have posted anything to my beloved blog.  Not to fear, this week will be a flurry of blog posts on a near daily basis.

My research had been delayed a week by bad weather.  There were storms down in NZ that were producing some massive swell (waves) and it was preventing me from getting out to any field sites.  Check out this pic to see what I mean:

So, I was stuck inside writing for a week.  Not too exciting and certainly not blog worthy. However, last week I took a bit of a holiday and travelled to Melbourne and Uluru.  It was a phenomenal trip and I will have several posts about both destinations.  Apparently, the weather was even worse in Sydney during my holiday week, so I chose a good time to get away.   I was hoping to blog during the trip, but internet was scarce and extremely expensive, hence my long absence from the blogosphere.  I’m back now, full on.  Two more weeks in Sydney to finish my field work, finish a manuscript, and finish a grant proposal.

Look forward to my first trip post later today!

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