Australia Travel Tips

This page will have a fairly random smattering of Aussie Travel Tips from my time here. Basically, you get to learn from my mistakes.

Tip 1: Banks are closed on weekends. All weekend.

Tip 2: If you are staying for a while, it’s worth it to pick up a prepaid mobile phone. You can do this at the airport and they are actually legit vendors. Just get it there.

Tip 3: If you are bringing your own phone to use with a prepaid SIM, make sure that it works on the GSM bands in Australia (900/1800). US phones don’t necessarily use these same bands and don’t be fooled if the same model number phone is sold in the country. Phone manufacturers make phones for different countries that have the same model number.

Tip 4: Bring cash. Credit cards often cost more at the vendor and most US companies now charge about 3% per transaction as well.

Tip 5: There is little free WiFi in Sydney.

Tip 6: The coffee and sandwiches at Cafe Trails near Central Station are awesome. My favorite place for breakfast and coffee, so far.

Tip 7: You can use a combination of Google Voice and Skype to allow friends and family in the USA to call you here in Australia on your mobile phone without paying long distance charges. See this website for a decent explanation.

Tip 8: For cheap accommodation in Sydney, it’s hard to beat the Railway Square Youth Hostel. Clean, relatively cheap, and centrally located. Website.


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