Uluru Day 2

For my second day in Uluru, I decided to go to the other portion of the park called Kata Tjuta.  This is the other large rock formation in the area, and while it may not have the prestige and aura of Uluru, it was still an amazing experience.  The day started with a sunrise viewing of Kata Tjuta.  I also took a picture there of Uluru in the distance, so you can appreciate all the open space of the NT.  Plus, it looked pretty cool with the sun coming up next to it.

My first bush walk of the day was through the Valley of the Winds.  This is probably the most challenging hike in the whole park as you actually have to scale a good bit of vertical distance; however, some of the ridge hikes on Oahu make it look like kiddy fare.  That being said, most people don’t do the full loop around entire trail.  Amazing considering I had 25 mins to spare at a leisurely pace.

The best part was that our bus driver got us there before all the other tours, and I was the first out of the bus and onto the hike.  I know, amazing morning energy for me.  It was totally worth it though, as I literally felt like I had the whole place to myself for most of the hike.  I even got a chance to see a few wild kangaroos!  All in all, the hike was top notch and I recommend the whole loop to anyone who is in decent walking shape.  I’ll let the photos tell the rest of the story.

The second part of my day was the Walpa Gorge.  This hike was much flatter and easier than the previous hike, but also lacked some of the really stunning scenery.  You basically walked straight into a gorge and then out of it.  It was nice and all, but something you can definitely live without seeing.

The day concluded with yet another sunset view of Uluru.  I tried to limit the photos here…

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North Head

After my sampling at Shelley Beach, I took a bike ride all the way down to the southern tip of North Head.  It’s part of the Sydney Harbour National Park, and they have some walking trails and lookouts.  Check out some of the sites below and for the full album check out FB.

What a view.  I was riding my bike along the trail and you suddenly come out of all this bush and see this breathtaking vista.  I literally stopped in my tracks and said “Holy Crap!” This was much to the amusement of the couple who were sitting right above the trail at the lookout.  Amazingly, they quickly pegged me as an American.

A stitched together panorama.

Quite a coastline to the North.  I don’t think I will be getting down there for any samples.

I thought this was an interesting site. It’s a half sunken boat being towed into the harbor. I later heard on the news that day that it was a sailing yacht that possibly hit a whale. Had a one foot diameter hole in the hull. The man was rescued, ironically, by a whale watching boat.